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Tips for teams and leaders in the virtual workplace during COVID-19

For most employees around the globe, the workplace has gone virtual during the COVID-19 health crisis. This migration has come with many challenges for teams and leaders and destabilized the intangibles that make an organization successful.

The University of Delaware has four experts who can discuss these issues: 

Professor Kyle Emich: Workplace issues such as challenges to using Zoom (Skype, etc.) and virtual teamwork, especially tips for leaders who need to work with teams during this virtual lockdown.

Assistant Professor Sal Mistry: Multi-teaming in troubled times and how that can crush silos and build bridges. He can talk about tackling team accountability, team conflict and team slacking-off during these “shelter in place” times, as well as ensuring productive relationships between bosses and subordinates.

Professor Dustin Sleesman: How employees can keep their motivation and productivity levels high when working remotely, and tips for managers and leaders to be effective in times of uncertainty.

Jill Pante, director of the Lerner Career Services Center at UD: Virtual job search/job transition challenges and strategies and tips for maximizing LinkedIn; as well as working from home while taking care of kids and trying to find time for self-care.

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